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Goal based plan saves the dayNilesh Bajaj, Cedrus Consultants, Pune

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Key Take-Aways
  • Don't invest or re-invest all your profits into your business; have something to fall back on during those business bumps.

  • Even a small SIP regularly invested in a disciplined manner can prove to be useful in a time of need.

  • Even within a goal based plan, be aware that money invested can be used for another use if needed.

  • More than the importance of a particular goal being achieved, a goal based plan inculcates discipline which can prove useful in a later time.

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Comments Posted
Vikram bajak ARN NO :VB investments Aurangabad, 03 May 2018

Good quotes which are true and need to understand by investors

Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai, 02 May 2018

My learning was," Apart from investing in business, do something for your children too.".

Sanjeev Mundhra ARN NO :102294 Kolkata, 02 May 2018

Though funds were withdrawn in between because of business loss but the fact remains that goal based planning helped the client stay invested for 7/8 years

Navin Kumar ARN NO :83441 Patna , 02 May 2018

Investment is important whether for child or any other goals. This video embolden our thought processes. Thank you

javahar kp ARN NO :Enhance money Bhopal, 02 May 2018

Good insights Mr Nilish. Yes, SIP is the foundation stone of financial discipline. It differs from men to men.

MANDEEP SINGH ARN NO :16624 Amritsar, 02 May 2018


KILLOL ARN NO :102559 Rajkot, 02 May 2018

Nice one...

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